Looking for best tips and tricks to increase interest in food

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I have a 2 year old Malinois x terrier. She is an insecure and nervous dog but training has done wonders for her confidence. She is very thin but densely muscled (most rubs are showing currently) but the vet said she’s in great health just needs to gain a few pounds. I feed her twice daily a local premade raw diet and Taste of the Wild canned food on top to entice her to eat. She likes canned food but so don’t want to use it as primary diet cause of the ingredient lists. I use about a handful of kibble for indoor training but that’s also hit or miss. I’ve also been adding some CBD in an attempt to increase appetite but haven’t noticed a difference yet. Any tips or tricks to get dogs to be more excited about food?

This dog literally doesn’t like PB, hot dogs, any fruits, any vegetables, and treats I buy at the pet store. She does like Whole Foods salmon and steaks that my parents give her left overs from but that’s not affordable haha.

The strangest thing is she won’t eat any treats out in public (even highest value stuff like cheese or steak) from me but will always beg pet store employees – she will take the treat from their hand and it’s a 50/50 chance if she eats it or rolls in it. Idk she’s super strange. It also makes positive reinforcement training pretty hard if i can’t reward her with anything.

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