Looking for a private fenced yard for play or training?

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Here`s another great article:

I recently was introduced to https://www.sniffspot.com/

The intent is for owners of reactive dogs to be able to rent out a private space that would be available for offleash play and training that isn't a dog park.

How could you benefit from this? Well maybe you just got your pup vaccinated but you don't have a space that is fenced to work on off leash training or you're young vaccinated pup isn't quite ready for a dog park. Most dog parks min age requirements are at least 6 months old… And even if there is no min requirements, negative interactions at a dog park at that age can leave a lasting effect. Or your local dog park just sucks… It happens!

This may give you an alternative that is accessible to you, especially if you're living space does not have a fenced yard that you use. Seems this may only be curretly available in the USA (sorry Canadians, EU and Aus Etc).

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