Longest adult food transition period? Advice please…

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I recently switched my doggo's (1 year old goldendoodle) food from puppy to adult. He went from eating "orijen puppy" kibbles to "Stella and chewy raw coated" kibbles. It's been almost 4 weeks now and he still hasn't have consistent solid poop throughout, the first "batch" would be solid poop but he would walk around and poop little "oatmeal/quick oats" like droplets. Which is a kind of a PITA to pickup…

Is 4 weeks too long already and I should switch foods again/ see a vet? I remember when I first got him home the transition from the breeder's food to orijen puppy kibbles also took a long time for him to adapt.. I just want him to be healthy and get the most nutrients from his meals…

Anyone else have similar experiences with your pups, how long did it take you to transition? Thank you for your help.

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