Lethargic Brittany Spaniel

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Hello! I have a 6 month old female Britt. About 2 days ago she started to become lethargic. Very very sleepy, doesn't play tug of war anymore, slowly, kinda on and off eats her food, is a total suck. Oddly so. She walks slow and stiffly, but not with a limp. When she is on the leash outside, or at the dog park she shows none of these symptoms. They only seem to be like this at home. We moved into a new house just shy of two weeks ago. I have been walking her twice a day, and bringing her to the dog park, almost daily, for an hour each time, she runs a ton there. I am just concerned, have I over exercised her? Does she have growing pains? Is she going into her first heat? Or is there something seriously wrong, I plan on contacting the vet tomorrow and finding out, rather than letting and ride and hope for the best. Any advice or anything to help me calm down would help. I am super upset seeing her like this.

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