Leash walking problems

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So our 4.5 month old puppy recently completed his last set of shots so we've finally started going on walks the past 2 weeks. We have since learned he has 2 very annoying habits that we don't entirely know how to handle.

The first is the jumping. Every few minutes he decides to just start jumping up on me while I'm walking him. He's 20 lbs and still growing so this is both hurts me (and my poor scratched legs) but also he will sometime lose his footing and fall on his side. I read he might just be trying to get my attention so I try to ignore him and keep walking but this doesn't work too much.

Also I'm the main caretaker so now when on a walk with my family, he loses his mind when anyone except me walks him. For example, my brother was holding the leash while I walked next to him and the puppy was jumping and pulling towards me while whining the entire time. He's not super food motivated so we tried having my brother give him treats to get his attention but he didn't care. I suggested my brother/ other family members should walk him alone to form a better bond but they wanted a solution for what to do while he's exhibiting the behavior (i.e. should they stop walking when he jumps/ whines? Or keep trying to move forward?)

I understand we've only been doing this for 2 weeks so we have a long road ahead, I just wanted to get some tips for how to hopefully get through this a little easier!

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