Leash training in a busy urban area

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Hello! I have a 15 week Mal-shi who is fully vaccinated and has been cleared to go on walks for a few weeks now.

Only issue is, we live in one of the most urban areas in Australia. There are always people, kids, bikes and a million other dogs outside and she is super duper reactive. She wants to say hi to everyone and everything and I’m worried a bike will hit her (a lot of delivery drivers are on the footpaths on electric bikes 😒).

So, I feel I can’t safely train her to leash walk in this environment yet.

I am however lucky to have access to a private rooftop garden which is like a park, that is pretty quiet, so I’ve been taking her on walks there. She still gets distracted but it’s actually possible to walk her in parts compared to outside.

My question is, is she missing out by not being in the real world? She hasn’t gone to the big off lead park yet because I’m too scared to walk her and let her go there. So instead she goes to a puppy playgroup twice a week for a full day which is supervised and she loves it, but otherwise she wouldn’t see too many dogs besides the odd one in the garden. Is that an issue for socialisation? When should we try leash training in the real world?

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