Leash reactivity is getting worse even though he is going on more frequent walks

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I rescued my Border Collie/ACD boy (neutered) when he was just a few months old. As a pup, we took him everywhere to socialize him. He met all kinds of people, dogs, children, etc. We took him on regular hikes, took him to off-leash dog parks, and off-leash dog beaches. He always behaved extremely well. However, he was always a little weary of joggers, cyclists, and cars. Over the summer, when he was a year old, two incidents happened that solidified a new side of him. 1.) On 4th of July weekend we were bring him into the house from the car (on-leash) and our neighbor was setting off fireworks (i had no idea) and it SCARED MY PUP TO DEATH. He bolted into the house, hurt my hand from the leash, even pooped while he ran, knocked down a lamp, and was trembling in a corner for 4 hours where I tried to comfort and hold him. 2.) Just a few weeks later, we visited the dog beach (as usual) and while we walking up to the point where I usually take off his leash, a herd of greyhounds and other faster bigger dogs pretty much ran into us and trampled him while he was still on the leash. Ever since both of those incidents, he has pretty bad leash reactivity.

He is now 4 years old. Still leash reactive. Great at off-leash dog parks and beaches. However, he's not really social. He's just obsessed with tennis balls and frisbees. Doesn't really want anything to do with the other dogs anymore (he used to play with the other dogs before the incidents). When we walk on leash, it's a nightmare. It's really hard to train him because he isn't food-driven. Clicker+treats don't help. When he gets into a barking frenzy he doesn't hear us anymore. If he does, it's like our commands (sit, stay, heel) trigger him to go crazy.

We take him out on frequent walks and to the dog park but it's almost getting worse. We recently moved to an area with a lot more nature/wildlife. Every time we go out for walks, he sees bunnies, birds, squirrels, etc. As soon as he sees anything he barks and lunges. Same goes for dogs and cyclists. Luckily, he doesn't do this with children, adults, or joggers. He recently started this new thing at cross walks, he jumps off the curb after the anticipation of the "walk" alert and he turns around and bites the leash and pulls HARD (as if i'm not going fast enough for him) trying to take the leash from me the entire time I am trying to cross and get out of peoples' way. This came out of the blue 3 days ago and he's done it on EVERY walk. We walk him multiple times per day.

We go on walks with clicker + treats every time for years now and it doesn't get better. It's just getting worse. I don't know how to fix this. Any advice will be appreciated.

I'm cross-posting this to r/reactivedogs too, this sub is just a lot more active.

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