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I have a 9 week old Goldendoodle puppy. I live in a relatively big city with no private green space. I have to take him out to get some exercise and whatnot. He will not quit pulling on the leash and lunging at everything that moves. I have him in a harness and from what I’ve read, when this happens is to just let him pull and then he will give in and retreat back. However, he doesn’t do this. He continually pulls and pulls trying to get where he wants to go. There are times where I’ll have to pick him up and carry him because he just will not stop pulling. I’ve got him to sit to put the leash on him and right outside the door. I try to get him to sit before we leave the building, but that’s easier said than done with all the people coming in and out. Forget getting him to sit once we are outside. Once he sees something that moves, he lunges forward to get to it. Even if nothing’s there he tries to run and pulls.

We just had an extremely frustrating walk where I had to carry him. We had some cross streets with traffic and he would not quit. I’m afraid that this is having a negative impact on him, both with me because I won’t let him go where he wants and with the leash/walking in general.

To make matters worse, once we got home, he was very rambunctious and high energy. He was growling and barking at me and was trying to bite me. He does this often, but I attribute it to puppy play and teething. What I do when this happens is say no, put a toy in his mouth and say yes. Well, after about the fifth time of being nipped, where he would immediately discard the toy, and try and attack my hand, I lost it. I took one of his toys and hit the floor with it a few times. I didn’t hit him nor was it close to him. But he saw it. I don’t know if this fazed him at all, I’m sure it did to an extent. It was just one thing after another. And this has been going on for days. I’m trying to keep the frustrations from manifesting, but clearly I failed this time. Now I’m afraid that this will add more to his aggression/nipping towards me.

I just don’t know what to do. I have a no pull harness ordered that should be here tomorrow. I’ve reached out to some dog trainers, but have yet to hear from them. My biggest fear is that what’s happened will adversely affect our bond and that he will be aggressive/fearful.

Any tips/thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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