Leash Chewing to Initiate Play

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We brought our 9-month-old hound mix home last week and he's settled in extremely quickly. Starting yesterday, though, we have a problem where he'll be in the backyard to pee and will decide that he wants to play by pulling on the leash.

I can't recall the correct course of action here. If I let go, he starts zooming around playing with it, and obviously pulling is playing. The only thing I can think of is to hold his collar till he lets go.

He has done something similar about once a day the past few days, though it has been decreasing slightly I think. Basically he will decide he wants to play and chew on your ankle. I've been redirecting him to a sit and this behavior has gone away the last two days. However, when he did it the last few times, after being redirected he went and chewed lightly on something he had previously ignored completely, and then trying to play. I redirect to toys but he takes little interest in them.

But the leash thing is the question. What do I do about leash playing? Do I redirect to a sit and reward for that too?

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