Leash = chew toy

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Can someone shed some light on why this is happening:

6month old, been with me for almost 2 months. Prior to this had no issues with leash (not the best walker but hey). This week he’s been a terror on the leash. The minute I take out the leash he starts running away, and if I can get the leash hooked up, he starts biting and pulling at the leash. If I let go, he’ll take it back to his “bed” and chew on it. If we get out to the street he will grab the leash, go full tug o war, and then run back to the gate.

I don’t get it. Nothing has happened on his walks. He did have one walk where he didn’t like how long we went for (like 20mins). I’ve tried a harness, different leashes and he does the same thing. Without his normal walks hes been more cranky and crazy but he doesn’t want to go walking all of a sudden. Whhhyyyy.

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