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Hi! Me and my partner have recently gained a 15 week old kelpie puppy and we tried to start training straight away, but she seems to get bored and looses interest within a couple minutes. (especially when she’s distracted). Sometimes she be won’t listen at all which I guess is normal for new pups but I thought it would be a bit easier because of the breeds eagerness to learn. We assumed she was just bored or not stimulated enough so we try to take her for walks but she will stop and if we let go she will start walking back to our house and sit by the front door waiting to go back inside. She has started to chew on furniture and shoes which we don’t mind but try to stop her as we don’t want it to become a habit. She has 4 toys that she likes to play tug of war with but she won’t fetch. Any advice on how to get her to enjoy walks or how to make training fun would be great! Thank you 🙂

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