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Since I got him he has been with my other french bulldog 7y/o who has no issues and is a total couch potato, I understand every dog is different but i was definitley hoping my other dogs calmness would rub onto the younger one. But that is not the case as my younger dog has the temperament of a typical chihuahua, everytime a dog comes near he acts normal and sniffs around and as soon as the dog turns to leave the younger french bulldog nips at the other one looking for a fight, at home he lunges at everyone who isn't me when i'm not in the room and when i'm in the room and theres someone else he acts like nothing and lays at my feet.

I would like him to be off leash someday with no problems so i got a muzzle which hasn't arrived but i don't know how to approach the situation since he lives with my other dogs just fine.

TL;DR: My dog attacks people when i'm not around and other dogs.

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