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Hey all! I was hoping to see if anyone else has run into the situation we have with our 14wk old male Bernese.

I want to start out with we've taken him to the vet and he's had a decal done (it came back negative). We've tried the bland diet (boiled chicken and rice). Now we're trying a probiotic suppliment. They vet doesn't seem concerned since he's acting otherwise completely normal and that we're doing everything they would have suggested.

Since we started puppy classes almost 2 weeks ago now on Monday evenings he has been getting up, most nights, multiple times to poop. He rarely poops during the day anymore. The first time during the later afternoon he poops (around 6) it was at first softserve like but has since yesterday become solid but still get progressively to moosh/near diarrhea with each movement. Most nights he gets up three times after going to bed at 10pm and immediately runs outside to have the runs.

Has anyone else experienced something like this? What did you do or did it just pass?

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