Lab Puppy Whining Regression and "New" Whine

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Tried to read through previous posts but couldn't find a similar situation. I have a ~10 week old lab puppy which we brought home at just shy of 8 weeks. She's been sleeping in a crate next to our bed. Obviously the first few days were tough but she became better and better and ultimately was able to sleep through the night entirely (10PM to 5AM) with an occasional bathroom break. This lasted almost a week. 2 days ago a new pattern started where she sleeps fine for ~3 hours and then starts whimpering, which graduates to a grunty sounding whine, then a full whine mixed with occasional high pitch bark and that grunty noise. She'll do that the rest of the night even if you let her out to use the bathroom or lay down next to her for a bit. We've tried ignoring it and she doesn't stop (full 5 hours last night). She moves around a ton, and will even continue to whine once comfortable and even when she's seemingly "sleeping." It's been 2 straight sleepless nights. She acts differently during the day now as well, whining a bit when playing until she's too distracted to think about it. Even just an hour ago she was sitting in my lap with her eyes closed but doing the weird grunty whine. Took her to the vet to make sure she wasn't injured, she didn't see any issues and didn't really offer any advice.

My pregnant wife needs your help (and sleep)! Any thoughts?

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