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Today I look the little monster to the dog park, as i do two to three times a week to help him socialize. Soon after arriving, a dad shows up with his two toddlers. my puppy is smol, and standing up on his hind legs he was as tall as the little boy and almost as tall as the little girl. puppy is obviously very small and not trained to not jump up on people. this is never an issue because he’s never been around small kids and the adults always find him adorable when he does it. So kids see my dog, he sees them, gets excited and jumps up on the boy. Kid starts SCREAMING bloody murder. dad has to pick him up. then starts jumping up on the little girl and, i didn’t think it was even possible, she screams louder than the boy. the dad acts like it’s MY fault, trying to tell me to heel my dog and take him away. what do you expect bringing your young children to a dog park? you’re lucky my dog isn’t twice his size or he would have taken your kids down. finally, pup calms down and is chillin, kids are finally okay being around him, and they start picking up anything they can find and feed it to him!!!! leaves, sticks, weeds, ripping up grass!!! i’m there telling them to stop and taking everything they put in his mouth away from him, while the dad stands off with their dog not even paying attention. I’ve been working so hard training him not to eat all these things he finds on the ground and the kids just have a field day with it!!! me and my dog are not a day care to occupy your child’s time for an hour!! made me so angry

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