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We got Izzy in April and she is now 7 ish months old. She has been a very difficult puppy- germans are a lot more difficult than any other puppy I have had in the past, but I thought I could handle it. She is so smart, but so strong willed. She knows what we expect of her, but does not care at all. She will leap at us, climb on us on the couch, tackle the cat, all things we have worked on for months- treating when she redirects to better behavior, and we have implemented time outs when she gets too rowdy. She is also clicker trained.

She needs constant stimulation and activity or she is absolutely impossible to handle. We take her on long walks every day and have been teaching her every trick we can think of, but if there is a day we can’t do all of those things she is absolutely unbearable. We have a baby and there have been a few days where we have had to skip a walk, and those nights always end in me crying in frustration. She just got spayed and hasn’t been able to exercise much and she is an absolute nightmare. She will not stop leaping on us when we are sitting down and I can’t have my baby in the same room for fear of him getting hurt. How do I keep this dog stimulated enough? I never thought I would do this, but I’m not sure I can give her the constant stimulation she needs. I’m considering finding someone who can. It’s not like we aren’t doing as much as we possibly can, she just needs even more. We have tried puzzle toys and things but she doesn’t give a fuck about treats. I set aside play time every few hours in addition to the walks so she doesn’t feel ignored, and she gets crate time every day (3 hours or so). What more can I do? Any advice for the leaping? It is getting absolutely out of hand.

I’ve looked into obedience training but with Covid everything is so limited that I couldn’t find an opening until January.

I haven’t enjoyed this puppy process at all- it is a constant source of stress and I can’t take it anymore.

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