Keeping my dog entertained so he’s not so destructive

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We've had our rescue for about 2 months now. We assume he's about a years old. All and all he hasn't been incredibly destructive, but only because we haven't left him on his own for any extended period of time.

So far we've had trouble keeping him exercised because he tends to take a lot of breaks on walks and sometimes just refuses to go anywhere after a few blocks. At the house we have a lot of chew toys and a puzzle ball to keep him busy.

However, most of his toys he only keeps interest in for maybe 5 minutes before he barely ever touches it again, including chew toys and antlers. It can even be difficult to keep him playing with us with the same toy more than a few times.

What he does love doing though is digging on the furniture and chewing furniture and wood around the house. He has stopped playing with us mid-play to go jump on the couch and try to dig to the bottom of it. He does this right in front of us and after we get him to stop he jumps back up and does it again seconds later. Any attempts to redirect seem fruitless because he barely seems interested in the other toys we give him.

Has anyone had these sort of issues? Some days it seems like the only way he can entertain himself or wear himself out is to try to destroy the house.

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