Just when you think the annoying habits are over…

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Alfie is about 7.5 months now and had grown out of so many of his annoying habits. However, he has picked up one new one… He has started EATING our brick wall. We live in a studio and one entire wall is brick so it is unavoidable. He gets plenty of exercise (at least an hour of vigorous exercise and an hour and a half of walking total each day) and mental stimulation (trick training, nose work, puzzle toys).

I have tried body blocking, giving alternatives, bitter spray. I bought hard chews at the advice of our vet (I was nervous about his teeth but antlers are better than bricks I suppose).

I’m not really looking for how to stop this behavior because I understand it’s just him being a crazy puppy and like everything else in about a month we will be saying, remember when Alfie was eating our brick wall?! Unless of corse someone has a miracle fix lol.

BUT I did want to share a great trick that I found to get him into the antler as his new brick replacement! We buy the cut antlers as they have the softer, porous center exposed. This is easier on his teeth and gets him more into the chew. He lost interest after about a day (we all know how short puppy attention spans can be). To make him more interested, I spread a small amount of peanut butter into the porous part, and he is SO into it. And he really needs to work to get the pb out. I never had much luck with Kong’s, so I’m glad I found this option!

If anyone has any other great hard chew tips or hoof filling ideas let me know in the comments please!

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