Just found out I was Pregnant, need to calm and better train our dogs

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We have 3 dogs that live in our house; 8yo Lab, 5ish yo Beagle mix, and 2 yo GSD. The lab and beagle are generally very calm, lazy dogs. But the GSD has more energy than I can describe. They are let out during the day, if weather permits, and we play fetch or throw frisbee to the GSD several times a day, but she still has these huge bursts of energy in the house. She wants to horse play with the other dogs or run around. If we put her outside by herself for a bit, or kennel her when she is wild, it doesn't seem to calm her down much. I know this is our fault for allowing this behavior in the first place, but we have roughly 7 and a half months to correct the behavior before the baby comes and I'm committed!

She has very basic obedience training (sit, stay, down, kennel) but when you are making her sit and stay she will start to tremble with excitement and when we release her it's like she explodes.

The things I'm most worried about is her rough housing with the other dogs in the house or trying to run around and get crazy once the baby is here. It's so important to let babies lay and crawl around on the floor and I absolutely couldn't trust Bell around a baby right now.

Any tips, tricks, or advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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