Jumping on strangers / dashing off – help!

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Hi guys,

My 7 month old male working Labrador has an issue I'm struggling to work on or train. He never jumps on me, and I take him to work and he never jumps on anyone there – but he is a ball of mad energy and on walks he is super excited and wants to go and bother anyone he can, including jumping on them and often upsetting people (including the very old and very young!)

My only method so far is to keep him on a long leash so I can control him, but since he needs a ton of exercise I let him off occasionally for some searching for his ball in long foliage & grass (he loves that) or fetch in the woods when he would get tangled on his long lead.

he will go fetch it, but if he sees anyone on his way back to me he will ignore me and dash off to them to bother them and often jump.

Almost all of the advice I can find centres around training in situations you can repeat at home when he jumps on you, or on visitors – but none of that is possible for me as he doesn't do it. The idea of asking strangers to act a particular way sounds a possibility but honestly he is so excited (and has often ran quite far from me) that I can't see it as a reliable way to train. On a few occasions with strangers I've been close to we've done some "sit down and be polite before treats or love from this stranger", which seems a possibility – but to get into that situation regularly seems difficult compared to how often he will charge off and do as he pleases!

Anyone have any ideas, advice, or links to methodology here? He is such a good obedient smart boy otherwise but I really just want to feel I have some additional tools here.

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