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My bf and I are a few weeks away of getting a puppy. We are binge watching puppy training videos to get an idea what we're getting into (I grew up with dogs, he didn't, but we never raised a pup).

I saw that a lot of Americans really love Zac George. We thought that he would be really skilled. First and foremost: I love this guys energy, he has a pleasant way of talking and his videos are positive and edited in a nice way. But.. We have noticed a few things that we didn't like. So I'm worried we're picking up wrong habits. I'm afraid he isn't such a good dog trainer, but we are inexperienced.

What do you think about him or some of his tips down here?

1 He puts a sleeping puppy in the craten(We we're tought to not do that but just reward any positive 'in crate' behaviors) 2 He doesn't really show how to change a dogs biting behavior. He often rewards the pup with a treat as a distraction on biting him and/or uses food to distract from situations (and sometimes confirms bad behavior that way, in our opinion) 4 Uses a tennis ball (we learned not to give one because the stuffing is usually bad for dogs) 5 Gives A LOT of treats (that can't be healthy, is it?) submitted by /u/jayda92
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