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I have had an 8mo for over a month. A bit of a long story. He's a bit nervous while on walks (combination of getting run over as a baby, not being properly socialized during COVID and being moved around a lot before adoption) and while we're working to build his confidence, he freaks out at random unfamiliar things (flying trash bags, lady on a walker, that kinda thing). Couple of days ago he got freaked out 2 days in a row. Since then he has sometimes (1 out of 3 walks per day) refused to walk out on the street after spending time in the backyard. Today he seemed kinda down. Didn't really play in the backyard, didn't wanna walk outside, only played a bit of indoor fetch (his favorite game), went to sit on the couch instead of finding things to chew/get into as usual.

This is our first dog and while my partner doesn't think it's anything major, I can't help feeling a bit worried. Ever since we adopted him, he's been a medium-high energy pup and he's always so excited about pretty much everything. I googled but only got results that suggest my dog is depressed, which he is definitely not. But I also don't want to sit around doing nothing until he's depressed, you know. Would love to hear from anyone with similar or more experience.

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