Is my Beagle pup overtired?

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So I got my Beagle pup Arthur 2 weeks ago, he's 11 weeks old now. We go on walks twice a day and I take him to my parents place where there is a big yard in which he can run free. We have 5 mins training sessions 3 times a day and I introduced him to another dog for the first time yesterday.

Needless to say, it was a very eventful day for him. I skipped the evening walk because he had been playing with that other dog for 2 hours straight. He has a room downstairs where my computer and his crate are and this is where we spent most of the time. This room also connects to the yard.

Usually, around 8 I head upstairs to watch tv in the livingroom and he goes with me. I take his pillow with me in which he sleeps and after a while he lays down on it and sleeps.

But most evenings, even after a tiring day, he still runs around for another hour, biting, … .

Is he overtired? Because I don't think he's actually getting enough sleep. Should I let him stay in his room downstairs while I go watch TV? When i'm not with him in his room, he usually just sleeps.

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