Is it wrong to make my new dog suddenly sleep in a crate?

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So I adopted a dog a little over a week ago and she's been limited to just my bedroom because she's on limited movement for heartworm treatment and I also have a cat. I have a crate with a bed in it in my room that I leave open so she can go in and out, she also has another bed on the floor, but she's been sleeping on my bed with me every night.

I've slowly been doing introductions with my cat in the living room and they're both doing great! My cat is now finally comfortable hanging out in my room if I lock the dog in the crate. I'd love for my cat to spend the night on my bed (so she feels loved/included and the dog doesn't feel as if she owns the bedroom) but is it wrong if I make the dog sleep in the crate? Since she's so used to my bed now, I don't want her to feel as if she's being punished. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

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