Is it rude to suggest someone train their dog to use a wheelchair?

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So I'm a new dog owner and I like to chat up other dog owners at the dog park to kill time. I was speaking with a lady who owned a german shepherd pup who just hit 1 years old. This lady and another person were talking about her dog's noticeably abnormal gait. I mentioned that I had read that hip dysplasia was unfortunately all too common in the breed due to inbreeding or something or other. After talking about it for awhile, I suggested that maybe deep massages might help and that perhaps it would be worth it to train him to walk using a wheelchair.

She seemed deeply offended by this and responded back with "A wheelchair??! Noo" and had a sort of uncomfortable laugh. I felt bad for her dog and the situation, so I kept quiet after that. She was eager to leave afterwards it seemed.

I'm definitely a novice when it comes to dogs and overall dog owner etiquette. I just wanted to check with you all and see if I crossed a line and I was wondering if it's rude to bring this up. Would you be offended if I suggested this kind of training? Is it rude to suggest training to dog owners?

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