Is it okay to leave my dog alone downstairs when he’s fussy?

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I adopted my 4y.o husky/some type of shepherd mix about a month ago and he's gotten a lot better with our general routine. He's very chill for a husky mix. His biggest issue is he gets overstimulated fairly quickly towards the evening (fussy, nippy, restless, barking). All things he doesn't really do during the day. Here's our usual routine:

10am: Morning walk (~45 min)

11am-4pm: Breakfast, nap, maybe some training and playing

4pm-5pm: Evening walk (~45 min)

5pm-7pm: Dinner, more training, play with toys, I go out for exercise for an hour and he chills at home

After 7pm: Usually another 45 min walk if he needs to let out more energy

Usually after our first evening walk he becomes a wild child. I've been practicing calm exercises with him and do lots of games for mental stimulation. But he just doesn't know how to turn off and chill when I know he's just fussy. We're working on crate training him (still trying to get him to see it as a positive thing) but for now, he's confined to just downstairs in our condo. Being in the crate too long makes him anxious and overstimulates him more. Most days I can handle his tantrums. I give him a frozen kong around 8pm or so and once he's done with it he goes to sleep.

But sometimes it's not enough. So when he's way too overstimulated, I end up leaving him downstairs and going upstairs to do work in my room. We have a camera on him and he usually ends up just napping. Is this okay for me to do? Am I teaching him that the only way to calm down is if i'm not in the room? For context, he's basically never really alone. My bf and I have opposite work schedules so he's only ever be alone maybe an hour or two every day.

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