Is it normal for a six month old puppy to still be biting?

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My puppy is six months old and is incredibly smart, loving, outgoing, and playful. His biting has improved so much! He used to bite several times throughout the day and now it’s only two-three biting episodes per day. He’s on a schedule and gets enough sleep, mental stimulation, and exercise. He doesn’t bite at specific times of the day. It seems to happen to my partner more than me. He will randomly decide to go into a biting fit when she enters the room or goes into the kitchen to make coffee. He doesn’t bite her every time she does these things, so it’s been difficult to establish a pattern.

He is usually easily redirected to a toy or a sit command, but sometimes the biting is so intense that we have to leave the room for about 30 seconds and then he will calm down and stop biting. Our puppy is perfect in every other way and I know biting is part of normal puppy development. I just assumed that it would stop when he finished teething around six months of age. I’m just worried that I’ve done something wrong with his bite inhibition training and I’ve messed up my puppy.

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