Is it cruel to leave my puppy in her playpen while I work from home?

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My puppy is 10 weeks old. Can I leave her in the playpen for 3-4 hours while I work in a different room? I would come back during that time span to let her out for potty. But is it cruel to take her outside to pee/poop, and immediately place her back in the pen so I can get back to work? She expects to play whenever she comes out and she gets so hyper. I have so much anxiety knowing she is bored in her playpen (she doesn't play with toys).

Right now I play with her probably 20-30 minutes of every hour continuously from 6am-10pm (unless she is napping, but she never naps for more than 30 min at a time). So I am basically spending 50% of my waking life playing tug of war with her or sprinting around the backyard – but this is not sustainable for me, personally. I have to get my work done.

edit: No one is available to help me – just me and the pup!

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