Is anyone else’s dog being thrown off by the fact that they’re working from home?

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My pup usually either goes to daycare, or will stay home with my husband and sleep all day. This week and next (at least) we're both working from home, and it's obviously throwing off her whole schedule.

Pup is 2 years old, large-ish rescue doberman/shepherd/etc.

My husband says that usually when he works from home, she just hunkers down on the couch and sleeps literally all day until about 4pm which is when she gets up and starts doing things.

Now that I'm also working from home she'll settle for an hour at a time, and then be up barking at people through windows (she's barrier reactive, so it gets her very worked up – she's on prozac for this) and whining at us both and just generally being a pain.

Yesterday we tried giving her even more exercise than normal with two off leash excursions (30-45 mins ish each time) and the struggle is still real. She also always gets both meals in a snuffle mat, as well as 1-2 frozen kongs per day, so I don't think it's boredom, and I feel like as the day goes on and she hasn't napped, she gets overtired and stuff which means she gets even more whiny and difficult.

If I'm honest, this also has happened in the past on the weekends, again when I'm home. If I go out, she will settle like a champ.

Any suggestions for helping her learn to settle during the day like she would if I wasn't there?

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