Introducing new rescue to home, he’s peeing and trying to mount my other dog

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I just adopted a 7 yr old miniature male poodle. I unfortunately just found out when I went to pick him up that he is not fixed. I plan to get that scheduled ASAP because he’s peeing all over the (carpeted) house. I also rescued a 7 yr old female Schnoodle back in February and the poodle has gone absolutely crazy trying to mount her. She just wants to play and he wants to hump. I’m following him around with cleaning supplies while he pees everywhere and then have to restrain him from bothering my Schnoodle and he’s only been here for 2 hours! I’m planning to go to Petsmart in a bit to maybe buy him a crate and a gate. Fortunately I work from home and have a bathroom connected to my office and was hoping to keep him in there with the gate so he can look out while I work so I don’t have to worry about him marking the house. I’m also concerned about how things will be at night, the Schnoodle sleeps with me and I’m not sure where to keep the poodle while we’re all adjusting. I appreciate any tips and help you can offer!

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