Introducing dog to new kitten (Stories & support!)

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TL;DR My dog will love this lil guy with all her heart, but I don't want to freak him out!

My 5 year old German Shepherd/Jack Russel (Ripley) was raised with a cat (Luci) who was raised with dogs and passed 1 year ago after 18 years of being an excellent cat. So, Ripley lived her first 4 years with a really awesome cat. She loves cats, and cats love her. Seriously- cats will approach us on walks and try to meet her. She's made friends with cats who "don't like dogs."

This Saturday I'm bringing home an 8 week old kitten. I know Ripley will lose her shit with excitement but I want the kitten to be comfortable. I've already arranged for Ripley to be out of the apartment for his first day so he can explore the space without getting licked to exhaustion.

I'm pretty confident that I have the experience to make this work, but I was hoping for some stories and not-snarky tips. Hope to be posting cute dog/ kitten videos soon!

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