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Hey all,

My 4 month pup is small. Small small. Just hit 2 lbs and might reach an adult weight of 4. My lifestyle isn’t one that includes going to parks, restaurants in which I’d bring her to, or frankly going out much at all.

I took her to a puppy social thinking we should cause everyone recommends it. She hated it.

Other larger puppies trampling her, her running and hiding. Her teeth were showing for a full hour to both every dog and every human. I think it was too much at one time.

Now I’m debating whether or not it’s necessary to go out of my way to socialize her to other dogs. For what? Who am I doing this for if she hates it? Am I projecting what I think a “perfect” dog needs to be onto her?

Any advice would be appreciated. I don’t have any friends with dogs near me so even if I was to take it slow with her having a proper dog introduction it’s not possible. By the time we might be able to she might just not like dogs. Will the quality of life for her really be that diminished if she isn’t exposed to other dogs?

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