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Is it at all possible to train a dog to get along with your cats if they have already attacked your cats out of excitement once?

Context: We are thinking about adopting a sweet golden lab mix but we decided to do a 2 week trial run in our house to see if she’d be a good fit. She is very lovable and smart, she will listen to the word no most of the time and respect it. Now we have slowly started to integrate our 2 cats with the dog and have them meet. We started by keeping the cats in a safe room where the pup couldn’t access, for the first day, and then we put the dog in a crate on the second day in the living room and allowed the cats to roam around the house and try to get used to her. (We would always put the cats back in their room at night) She would whine a little bit and maybe bark a few times at the cats when they were out but none of it was aggressive, just curiosity for the most part. We did this 2-1/2 days or so and were planning on doing it for at least a week to try and get everyone settled. Well this morning as my mother was coming out of the cats safe room the dog accidentally snuck in and lunged at one of the cats, she kind of gripped the cat with her teeth (not hard at all, there was no puncture wounds or injuries to the cat at all) but as soon as we told her no she backed off and we escorted her out of the room. It didn’t seem too aggressive from the dogs side, more like she couldn’t distinguish the cat from a chew toy. Is there any way to train the dog to behave around the cats even after she already attacked one? The cats are a little traumatized but I think if we are able to train this behavior away they might be able to live peacefully together. I just really don’t want to get rid of our sweet pup, but it may come to it if she can’t behave around the fur babies. Thanks.

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