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Does anybody else’s dog turn into a friggin’ velociraptor when he wants the tasty treat you’re holding but doesn’t immediately get it? We train every day and our 4 month old husky / GSD mix sometimes gets frustrated (or perhaps overexcited about the treats, we use pieces of cooked chicken hearts which he LOVES) when I ask him to do something he’s not yet perfectly mastered, after which he tries to take the treat by force by jumping up at me and groaning in annoyance.

He is kind of bitey in general at the moment (puppy teething stage) but we say ‘No bite’ and try to redirect him during play, or we stop playing altogether if it’s really bad. I’ve also started trying to say the word ‘gently’ when he carefully takes food from my hand in hopes of teaching him he gets the treat when he is gentle. We train 15 – 20 min. a day, he learns new things really fast but we still try to build up each exercise slowly to avoid him getting frustrated because he doesn’t understand what we want.

Suggestions on how to curb this snappy behaviour?

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