I’m worried my dog is going to become aggressive.

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I have a very large 8 month old. She is very much a mix but we know she has Macedonian shepherd and staghound in her. She is very timid and shy and seems uneasy often. The other day when I walked her a plastic bag blew across the road and she just about pulled me over she was so scared. On top of this she seems a little snappy. Some people have said it is because she is still a puppy and she tends to get a bit bitey when she plays but a few times when she has wanted my attention she’s barked, growled and snapped her teeth at me. I’ve taken her to puppy school and she plays with the neighbors dog a few times a week but because of the pandemic I haven’t been taking her to the dog park. The other day I was in my front yard with her and a man came up and we started chatting. He lent over the fence to try to pat her but she leapt back and snarled at him. The most concerning incident was the other day my 2.5 yr old niece was following her around with her arm out (that’s what her dad told her so my dog could sniff it) and this literally happened in a few seconds, when my dog got to the wall she “nipped” her. She didn’t bite down, there wasnt a mark on her and my niece didn’t even seem to notice but the incident has really worried me. I realise I should have intervened sooner but it all happened so quickly. I have two young children and if she were to bite them, or any kids she would do real damage. I’m honestly just terrified. Any advice is welcome.

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