I’m worried I missed my window of opportunity…

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I have a Siberian husky (3yo) which I got when I was 16 and was way over my head. There's so many things I wish I could change but unfortunately cannot. When I first got him the only form of training I had ever seen was my parents which was the "punish the bad" kind of training.

I got him when he was around 5 months and followed in my parents foots steps with this kind of training for the first year of his time with me. I'm sure you can all guess how well that went. After spending all of that time training him and realizing I was getting no where I of course went to the internet and realized my whole method was wrong and did a complete 180.

Skip to now and over the last two years we've been using praise and rewards for his good behavior. He's become a very well behaved dog that I care for greatly. However, there's just one thing that we really cannot seem to get down. Recall. I know husky are not exactly the top advertisers for being good at this but I'm worried that maybe he's just never going to get it.

I started teaching him to recall with the other basics (sit, stay, lay down ect.) Which he has down easily but just not this one. We started in my room and then moved into my backyard and he recalls extremely well there but try to move to the next step which is a dog park and he just ignores me. I know he ignores me because he stops and looks at me and then just goes back to playing and I'm at a complete loss on what to do with that? I'm not sure if there's a middle ground between backyard and dog park? If I should try and use a different method? I'm really at a loss.

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