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I never thought I’d get any puppy blues when i first brought her home, but I’m so overwhelmed and frustrated right now. She’s my first puppy ever, and even though she’s only 4 months, I feel like I’ve hardly made any progress and I’m worried it’s already too late. The only time I can stand her is when she’s tired and cuddly lmao. When she’s awake she barks constantly for attention, bites my legs when I’m walking, pulls like crazy on her leash, jumping on the couch (where she’s not allowed) and even though I’ve tried working on it with her so much I see no progress at all. Today I took her for a walk to the park and she barked probably 80% of the walk. She barked and freaked out at people like 100m away, or even at the AIR. At literally nothing. Of course I wanna fix it all but I don’t know where to start! Or what to fix first. All those training videos are so easy to watch but once I try working on them with her it’s so much harder than it looks. I feel like I’ve already missed what she was supposed to learn when I first got her. I’m scared she’s gonna grow up to be a terror because it’s definitely looking like it right now.

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