I’m scared my puppy will choke on her favorite toy

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So when i first got my Australian shepard i bought a ton of toys for her and one was this little hard bone and she immediately loved teething on it.

She also loves playing with her toys while laying on her back, well, when she was 7 weeks old and super small this didnt really matter but now at 17 weeks old shes huge! And the toy didnt grow with her lmao

She will hold the toy up in the air with her paws and just chew on it upside down and I'm so scared its gonna slide down the back of her throat.

Lately i'll hold her bone for her and just let her chew it till shes had her fill or give her a different toy and put the bone in her toy bin 'cause im so nervous.

I already bought her a new, big chewing toy off amazon, but i feel bad taking away one of her favorite toys.

Do you think I'm just an anxious puppy parent?

Thank you! Sorry for such a silly post.

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