I’m getting the most excruciating back pain

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Having a puppy comes with many challenges, as we all are currently going through in this sub. But aside from all the problems that are about training, biting etc, … I'm now going through the biggest problem of all. BACK PAIN.

Puppies are small, especially my 11 week old toy poodle. I'm constantly bending down for her all day every day, and it's been almost a month. I bend down when I play with her, I bend when i'm sitting on the floor with her when she chews her toys. I bend to clean the floor of her play pen, and I bend to give her treats. Everything requires me to bend down to her small height, and I think my back is finally done having it..

My boyfriend has those massage guns and tries to help massage me whenever he could come over, which isn't often. Plus, I no longer thing it's a muscle problem, it's probably also the strain on my joints. The challenges of raising a puppy on my own, I was sure I could manage. But I never predicted the harm it would go on my body.

I get excruciating pain when i bend down now, and I can't sleep too well at night because it's so uncomfortable. But how can I keep this up alone, when a little tiny young puppy needs me 24/7?

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