I’m done.

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This could be puppy blues but this seems more fitting..sorry for my rant grammar, I’m past the point of caring anymore

I posted a while ago about my puppy, a Dalmatian X called Otis. I was having an absolute nightmare, his biting was horrific, he was lashing out etc. Well, touch wood, this has lessened. He is also starting to let us give him tummy rubs for about 2 mins a day…it’s a start considering he was drawing a lot of blood every time we came within a foot of him trying to play.

However, we now have bigger issues. He is only receiving his last jag tomorrow at almost 13 weeks old as the vets wouldn’t see him/were all booked because of c-19, not a problem to us and we understand. He is now barely sleeping in his crate, he is banshee screaming at the top of his lungs longer than he ever has when he’s in it and if we take him to the toilet or anywhere that isn’t his cage, he stands/sits and point blank refuses to move. I presume this is because he wants to be out playing and now associates his cage negatively despite my trying to make it the best place in the world. It truly feels like one small shuffle forwards, 10 might leaps back with this fkn dog. I don’t know how long I can keep this up anymore, I’m finding myself getting more and more annoyed, I’ve (shamefully, I’m being honest, I know this is wrong I don’t need to be lectured) shouted at him, yanked his lead, tried to drag him and all the things I’ve vowed never to do but when I’m working full time and trying to take care of him and he’s making it has hard as humanly possible to love him I am honestly begging I don’t wake up every day so I don’t have to deal with him. I’ve also just handed in my notice at work as my manager was an absolute bully- my stress levels are through the roof to say the least.

Anyway, the reason I’m writing this is because I got 1hr40 mins sleep yesterday because he had me out 5 times before 8am alone. I finally managed to get some sleep tonight and he woke me up 50 mins after the last pee trip screaming like a newborn. When i took him out to pee he made me fall down solid, uncarpeted, concrete stairs because of his stubborn, arsehole behaviour and I’m now a) crying my eyes out due to frustration b) wanting to launch him and myself out the window and c) in too much pain to sleep. HE DIDNT EVEN NEED THE TOILET. He was just barking every time I asked him to go and was throwing a fit to go on the grass, honestly surprised he hasn’t got whiplash.

I would sleep during the day tomorrow but as I am home alone, he’ll have me up every 1.5-2hr so not much hope for a decent rest, I’m now running on 35+ hours no sleep. I’m absolutely done with him.

I’m not even looking forward to him being able to go out on walks now because I know he’s gonna show me up and embarrass me by pretending to not know his name, leaping in the air like a fkn idiot and showing me no respect. I don’t care about public appearance it’s just an absolute pisstake considering he’s incredibly intelligent. He knows EXACTLY what he’s doing. If I could give him away tomorrow I would.

All I wanted was for him to love me, a companion. I guess I deserve this for something. I hope I don’t wake up.

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