I’m at a lost on how to train proper leash walking!

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My gal is going on 10months now, not sure what mix of breed she is but she's just about 20lbs and she ain't getting any better. She an amazing dog, honestly doesn't need much training at all, she's eager to learn, learns a bunch of tricks quickly and all that. She's not a barker, I don't need to crate her at all, she's just an easy going chill out dog, a super darn cute. But whenever we go out I have that gentle little snot lead thingy, just pulls her nose down I guess when she pulls which she barely does since she doesn't like it. She'll run herself on the grass to try to get it off. But she is a sniffer, her nose never leaves the ground, she barely looks at me I can call her with all sorts of treats, all I get is a quick glance 1 out of 10 times and she's back at smelling whatever she needs to smell. Honestly, not a huge deal but she doesn't enjoy that harness nose thingy (no idea what it's called) and I'd love to get her walking nicely with just her regular collar but she'll pull up ahead because that nose just has a mind of its own. Do I let her deal with the lead thing I have, she'll get over it one day, or am I missing something? She's small but that doesn't excuse her from having no manners outside lol any videos that's good for this type of dog that can show me tricks to going around her nose? Yesterday she ate 3 of the treats, realized it wasn't as fun as her nose and literally dropped all the other treats I gave her afterwards. Some squirrel will be nice and fat around that part of the neighbourhood.

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