I’m afraid my pup may have lost trust in me

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I brought my pup in for a vet check on Wednesday and they wanted to get her up to date on her shots. Unfortunately, she's a tad underweight and the vet didn't feel comfortable with giving her the rabies shot especially since she didn't react well to the first round of shots. This makes me extremely paranoid so I'm not taking her anywhere and keeping her in the house and my backyard. She's just 18 weeks so for the next round of shots the vet will decide whether or not she'll want to give her her distemper and rabies at the same time. But she'll need to take benedyrl before the vaccines. Does anyone have advice on this? I feel so bad that she can't leave the house but I also understand I can't put her in jeopardy or anyone else for that matter.

Also, after getting the distemper and bordetella she had a bad reaction and threw up three times during the night on Wednesday and Thursday, early morning, wouldn't eat any food, low energy so I took her right in to the vet Thursday afternoon. They gave her fluids and medication and she was doing great yesterday at my parents. However yesterday evening i took her home and tried giving her her medication but she wouldn't take it, she also wouldn't eat anything and had diarrhea 3-4 last night. Took her to my parents this morning before work and she immediately ate there. I have a feeling she doesn't trust anything I give her because she believes it will make her sick and I'm not sure how I can mitigate this with her or gain her trust again. It breaks my heart that I have the capability of making her feel better, but she just doesn't want it from me.

Called the vet and I plan on taking her in tomorrow morning if she is still having diarrhea. Any advice would be great as I'm feeling super down and feel like I don't know anything and I'm not a good dog mom like I envisioned.

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