I’m adopting a puppy on Saturday and have two concerns/questions.

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Hi Reddit!

My wife and I were recently approved for a 5/6 month old puppy rescued from an out of state high kill shelter. This will be our first dog (in adulthood, we’ve both had dogs growing up). I just have to questions:

1)How do you properly introduce the puppy to our cats? I want to make sure everyone is as comfortable as can be sans the necessary growing pains. The puppy comes from a foster home with both cats and dogs so it has experience.

2)Going off of the last sentence, how can I keep my new puppy socialized/used to being around dogs and children during the COVID-19 quarantine? My wife and I are childless and this is our only dog but we often visit our families (pre/post quarantine) who live 1-1.5 hours away who have dogs and children. We’d love to bring the dog with us on these mini-road trips when the quarantine ends and it’s safe to hang out again so he’s not sitting at home.

Thank you in advance for all your assistance!

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