Ignore and pick up, or let him pee inside?

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Picked up a 9 week old, 3lb schnoodle last night, absolutely love him so far, a little quiet at first but opened up and ran around a lot and zoomed with his toys. One problem however, he HATES being picked up. When the breeder was doing it, he appeared to be fine with it, and with me as well up until I took him outside for the first to use the bathroom. Since then he growls and barks aggressively and tries his hardest to avoid it anytime I put my hands there and put pressure upwards. All my research on the topic ha said to accept that and not pick him up, as ignoring his growls could lead to bites later on. My problem is however, that picking him up was the only way I could get him to go outside, as whenever he is on leash he refuses to budge (planning on working on that but who knows how long that will take). So is my only option really to let him go potty indoors until however long it takes for him to be trained in either follow the leash or be comfortable with being picked up? I thought I’d done enough research and read enough stories on here to be prepared, but this is something new. Thanks for any advice in advance, I’m really torn here , I’ve read all about the “puppy blues” and I started feeling it around the 5th time I cleaned up his mess :/

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