If you’re allergic to bird-dogs, you are able to exclusively be allergic to males, according to a brand-new study

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According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America says three in 10 parties with other allergies will too have pet allergies. Up to 20 % among populations have pet allergies, which means that having a four-legged friend isn’t always feasible. There are many health benefits to bird-dog ownership, like such as higher survival rates in the speciman of a heart attack, and as it turns out, you might not “re going to have to” forgo the friendship and benefits of having a dog precisely because you’re allergic. You might not be allergic to all bird-dogs.

Dog multiplies that don’t shed or are hairless are believed to be “hypoallergenic, ” but that’s not necessarily the client. Pet allergies aren’t triggered by animal hair. Proteins in the, saliva, and dander of cats and dogs are what actually crusade allergic reactions. “Up to 30% of people who are allergic to dogs are actually allergic to one specific protein that’s acquired in the prostate of a dog, ” Dr. Lakiea Wright, an allergist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, explained to CNN.

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So far, six specific pup allergens have been identified, and yes, it’s altogether possible to be allergic to one puppy protein and not the others. In other words, someone who has dog allergies might not have reactions to certain bird-dog makes- and even genders. So, it’s absolutely possible to still get a dog. “If you’re allergic to only that specific protein in the male dog, you may be able to tolerate a female or a neutered pup, ” Wright told CNN.

Male dogs develop a specific protein announced Can f 5. The protein, which is became in the prostate, spreads to dog’s hair and skin when they urinate. “These proteins are very lightweight, so they get disbanded in the air as the animal moves around, ” Wright told CNN. “They can also stay in the air for a long time and land on our furniture, mattress, even our clothes.”

Allergists can exam for allergies to Can f 5 through a blood test or surface pricking. “When we suppose a bird-dog allergy, we’re testing for that whole allergen, ” Wright told CNN. “But then we’re too looking at specific proteins, the personas that make up the whole, to refine that diagnoses.”

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Interestingly, pup ownership might actually prevent the emergence of future allergies. Studies help find that show to a bird-dog before persons under the age of one might are protected by future allergies, and that being around puppies can lower children’s risk of asthma.

Fortunately , not all bird-dogs are both boys and not all cats are daughters, so it’s totally possible to get a girl dog that doesn’t prepare you cough and sneezing.

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