I wasn’t ready for this – in heat early

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My poor girl is only 21 weeks old, one week to go until she's 5 months old. This morning there was a single large drop of blood on my kitchen floor but both dogs seemed to be fine and there were no more drops anywhere. I took them for a walk, then noticed a little red when my puppy went to scratch an itch. I wiped it all down when we got home to see if she got a cut or something, but no, it was coming from inside. She's been occasionally seeping a little out the rest of the day today. She also lost a molar while playing, so it's been a pretty eventful day.

I had been debating when the best time to get her spayed was. I never thought she'd be in heat this early since she's a large breed (35% GSD, 25% hound, 20% pit bull, 10% lab). So I guess my question is when they say "wait until after the first heat" to spay bigger dogs, does that still apply when she's only 5 months old when in heat? Should I still wait until she's older? Obviously I have to wait at least a month now, but would there be any difference in doing it at 6 months vs. 9 months now that she's been in heat? I discussed spaying with my vet last week and he said he wouldn't do it before 6 months, and he is unsure about the new recommendations but open to whatever I want to do.

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