I used to roll my eyes at the “it’ll get better” posts and sigh, “yea right.” But…it does!

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My pup is 4 and a half months (18 weeks), I got him when he was almost 3 months old (11 weeks). I swear I struggled with the puppy blues. I live alone, I didn’t realize how difficult it would be to train a puppy. The constant need to be with me was overwhelming, I’ve only taken care of myself, so that was a huge adjustment for me. There were definitely days where I re-considered keeping him, but the thought of giving him up broke my heart. So every time we had slip ups I would remind myself, this too shall pass! Happy to say that he is now peeing and pooping on the puppy pad without getting it on the floor. Literally an overnight miracle as of last week. He just decided, oh, my mom has shown me to go on the pad for a month and a half now, I should probably do that lol legit a light switch went on in his little cute head. He started playing on his own and entertaining himself. He’s also so much better about staying alone! I left him the other day for 6 hours to head in to the office. I worked him up to it, at first he cried and howled a lot. Now he sleeps (like majority of the day), plays, and peed on the pad I left in the play pen 🎉 So take it one day at a time my puppy loving friends. It is difficult, especially for someone like myself that has never raised a puppy before. As a first time fur mama, I feel that I’m finally making progress and I’m so excited to get through the rest of the puppy and teenage phases, to get to an adult dog who will be a best friend for life 🐾💕

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