I think she’s grown up!

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I left for lab this morning (8am) and put Suki (1y/o AmStaff/GSD mix) in her crate with her kong and left, leaving my room a mess since I woke up late and didn't clean up that much tonight. When I got back home, I found her at the door, with the crate WIDE OPEN!

The last time I left her out for this long was a couple months ago, and she got into some cables and tore them to shreds, and the time after that that my mom accidentally left her out for 1.5h, she got into some napkins and magazines and tore those up, so I haven't left her loose since in fear of that happening. But I got home today and found that nothing was any different! I'm sure she left a couple more hairs on my bed and probably sniffed around a bit around her food, but amazingly she didn't get into anything and I am SO PROUD of her. I never thought she would be able to do this!

Puppy tax: instagram.com/cimmanon.roll/

Follow up q: Do you think she's ready to be left alone regularly or should I take this as a lucky time and build up to it slowly?

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