I think my puppy is purposely disobeying me.

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I think my puppy is purposing disobeying me. I am big on positive reinforcement. For example; when my puppy chews on the furniture and i sternly say “no!” And give him a toy instead I will give him a treat. This goes along with puppy nipping, grabbing things that he isn’t supposed to (shoes, socks, baskets, etc), etc.

However, it seems like when he knows I have the treats in my hand (or even can smell them on me) he purposely will nibble on the couch just to get the treat. I believe this because when i say no and do have the treats on me, he stops right away and looks at me. When I don’t have treats on me he doesn’t listen right away (or sometimes at all).

Is it possible that my puppy has out smarted me and is disobeying to get treats? How do I fix this? I want him to listen regardless if he gets treats or not.

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