I think I’m going in the wrong direction with Karen Overall’s Relaxation Protocol.

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We're on day 6. Pixie, my Scottie mutt, is doing amazingly with the exercises. She lays down the whole time and rarely fails on an exercise. It's a nice relaxing time. The first few days I think it helped her calm down. But the past few days, she seems more restless after, like she keeps wanting treats for laying down. Today we finished the exercises half an hour ago, and she's been bothering me non-stop since. Can't find her place, barking at me for attention. She was actually almost settled in for the night when I thought to do the series, and now it's past the usual time she would fall asleep and she's incredibly agitated. I pick up and put away the mat when we're done, as per advice I read that it shouldn't be out all the time, so they learn that when it's down they must lie down. Any ideas?

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